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There are thousands of people who need to read this newsletter in their native language. That's why we invite you to take part in this mission: Translate the Word of God and these 100% inspired newsletters into it. Let the revelation of CHRIST reach thousands of souls who cry for it. We are grateful if you are one of these translators.


These are days where fasting and prayer are required for every soul. In the name of JESUS ​​CHRIST the special cover provided by the presence of GOD annul all fascination, witchcraft, santeria. The divine protection provided by the Eternal Father covers every child of GOD and inhabitant of the earth in order not to surrender the nation to the powers that set plans in the occult against the true Church. Every contrary Roman rite and sacrifice is annulled as described in the Word of GOD !. We thank you for your prayer for genuine repentance and awakening for this nation. If you wish to join the special fasting time, please write us.