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RESENTMENT- Write by Jenny Gonzalez and Hugo Guarin

And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
Mar 11:26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.
Mark 11:25-26 (KJV)

“Y cuando estéis orando, perdonad, si tenéis algo contra alguien, para que también vuestro Padre que está en los cielos os perdone a vosotros vuestras ofensas, porque si vosotros no perdonáis, tampoco vuestro Padre que está en los cielos os perdonará vuestras ofensas”
Marcos 11:25-26 (RV)
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Our enemies are those things that hinder or prevent us getting the best, that prevent us from being what we should be in God, we want to be or what God wants us to be. Often people and even many Christians are clogged, cornered, frightened, trampled or beaten by these enemies.

Or learn to conquer or control end and away from each other all the good things God has. The enemies we face are not cowards. Attack us, no matter what we are or where we are. If we are not vigilant, we deprive the same joy of the Lord who is our strength.

This time we wrote about a particular enemy that corrodes and eats away silently to whoever possesses: The Grudge.

Resentment means "return to a feeling, especially a painful feeling. But it is generally understood in the sense often unconscious resentment, envy or hatred, impotent, which is manifested in criticism, comments or suggestions to discredit the person who is the subject of resentment. "

Resentment is also:
- Evoke a feeling of hostility against a person or persons who believe that they have treated us badly.
- Grudge repressed on a negative event has happened to you.
- Discomfort, emotional turmoil felt whenever we talk about a particular person or event.
- Inability to forgive, inability to let go and forget.
- The basis of mistrust and suspicion felt in dealing with people or events which provoked pain in the past.
- Unresolved emotional pain you feel when you are not able to accept a loss.
- The discomfort felt after spending much effort and energy to achieve something that eventually is lost.
- The result of thinking that was the victim of unfair treatment without resolution of the problem.
- The prolonged suffering in silence when an open expression of pain is unwanted.
- The animosity towards a person or group believes that it is impossible to reach certain goals.
- Feeling offended when one person or group has ignored or denied your rights.
- Sometimes resulting in depression and suicide.

Resentment over past things that have not healed can destroy a home, a family.
There are families who are living the consequences of past mistakes that generated resentment and have not been healed yet.

We all make mistakes as human beings in many ways that sometimes produce painful consequences. When we make these mistakes with our spouse may suffer as a marriage relationship, if the bug is with our children the family and home are. Now, if then there is forgiveness with true repentance (not to fall into the same, but the situation definitely be changed, really), then the consequences of these mistakes can actually be minimized.

But when it "holds a grudge" and is not healthy, then go deeper and can become a root of bitterness is a poison that is damaging the relationship of marriage and the family. When a husband is not healed resentment situations experienced in the past, the relationship will stagnate and deteriorate and may come a time when they feel to hate!.

The word of God further says in Hebrews 12:15: "Look well, lest anyone fall short of (or lose) the grace of God, that any root of bitterness springing up (which is poisonous), trouble, and thereby many be defiled "The question is then have a right heart and integrity.

The only way to resentment is exposing the problem, honestly speak of the feelings and decide to apologize, forgive and let the past. Remember that the past never going to solve the problems, but ask for forgiveness and forgive if you can do differently the future.

It is often necessary to seek help from God through qualified and trained spiritual leaders in the field of marriage and family so they can help overcome conflicts and sincerely forgiven.

God commands us to make the decision to forgive unconditionally, that He forgives us of similar shape. Forgiveness sincere repentance that asks and wise attitude of granting it, activates the Lord's forgiveness in our lives and blessings for ourselves and our families. Forgiveness is often not easy, but is mandated by God (Leviticus 19:18 - Do not be vindictive or spiteful with your own people. Love your neighbor as yourself is. I am the Lord. Matthew 6:14 - 15: For if you forgive men their sins, I forgive you your heavenly Father) is good for us and brings us peace and freedom to our lives. God is more interested in who we are than we do.

If you've had past painful situations in your life, decided to put them at the feet of the creator, who knows you, made you, formed you: Jesus Christ and the decision to obey his word. Forgive and ask forgiveness and waiver of all resentment, bitterness, etc. (Colossians 3:13 bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another. For as Christ forgave you, so also do ye) to be truly free.

God will restore peace and fill (coming Peace-Shalom: It is experiencing the fullness with God, others and creation) and turn around negative fact positive acts to Marriage and Family. Start by asking God's forgiveness for being disobedient to his word and then ask forgiveness from your spouse or family for having offended or for having tried. Forgiveness is asked to give repentance and humility! (Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good).

Your family and your home is a treasure more valuable land that God has given you. Take care is the responsibility of each!


God bless you,

Jenny and Hugo G.
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