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VICES - Write by Jenny Gonzalez and Hugo Guarin

All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. 1 Cor 6:12 (KJV)

Tal vez sea cierto lo que dicen: "Soy libre de hacer lo que quiera", pero no todo conviene. Aún si puedo hacer lo que quiera, no debo permitir que nada me domine
1  Corintios 6:12 (PDT)
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Some people lightly (to justify their sin) say when reading this verse: "All things are lawful unto me" - "I can do anything I want" ....

We must resist this dangerous delusion. There is a freedom that Christ has set us free, in which we affirm, but surely they must not ever be under the power of any carnal appetite.

What is a carnal appetite?
It is the instinctive impulse that stimulates the desire of something concerning the body and the pleasures associated with it. Our body is for the Lord and be an instrument of justice to holiness, therefore, should not be an instrument of sin.

We must remember that the "old man: that is each of us before we surrender our life to Christ and be born again" were flawed or "enslaved, immoral, corrupt, foul" for our sins and we must make new our mind and body through the transformation of our understanding, because if Christ dwells in your mind we now have and we take captive every thought in obedience.

Do not be overcome by any vice or bad habit: Are you a prisoner or slave of television, internet, facebook, music that does not please God, cigarette, your friends, illicit relationships? pornography, etc.? what are you spending your time?

The situations should be defeated in spiritual warfare (Submit yourselves therefore to God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you), but against the vices (fornication, all sexual sins, etc..), This struggle is also to run away (avoid any situation which promote the temptation). Huge crowds are hurt by these vices in their varied forms and consequences.

The effects of the defects are not only directly on the body, but often in the mind. As true Christians we must recognize that our bodies were redeemed from the doom and slavery for the sacrifice of Christ. We have to live a life of integrity, be clean, as instruments or vessels worthy for the service to GOD. Being united to Christ as one spirit and purchased at the price of blood are totally of the Lord, live it clean for him and not allow our minds and our bodies are made slaves of vices. God helps us and supports us when we determined to live for Him.

When you repent with all your heart, your sins are forgiven, come to Christ by faith, now you become a member of his spiritual body (The Church is the Body of Christ), God Almighty is always to break free of all sin and vice, if you desired.

We decided that glorify God is our activity until the last day and time of our lives, our bodies, souls and our spirits, which are His

If you are still slaves of some vice, bad habit, masturbation, drugs, pornography, sex before marriage, illicit relationships, laziness, hidden sins, etc. and want to be FREE, give up your habit which is sin, turn to God with all your heart, that God will bring deliverance to your life! It's time to be truly free with the knowledge of Truth: JESUS!


God bless you,

Jenny and Hugo G.
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Jenny Gonzalez and her husband Hugo Guarin are youth pastors in the Christian Church in Bogota - Colombia. They are responsible for the International Net MINLUZNACIONES and the newsletters. They Minister the word of God with a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit through the witness of a revelation of Heaven and Hell. They use unconventional strategies for evangelism and have led to his writings, ideas, drawings and testimonies of thousands of people in Colombia and the world to know, love and passion for God. If you are interested in making contact with them, contact email: jenny.g@minluznaciones.org.

If this message has been building and blessing for his life, discussing his testimony can write to: hugo.g@minluznaciones.org, We pray for you.

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