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Before reading this devotional, we recommend you study the Scriptures: 1 Samuel 2:11 - 36 and 1 Samuel 3:1-20.
Amid the current situation facing the world with this magnitude of degradation in the principles, values and parameters of the Creator without influencing the style of government and distort the behavior of society in general (sometimes including the church), we see that God has (and is forming) a true church which is full of his glory: a Samuel Company.

By studying the biblical passages quoted above we find that God was bringing something new to the ruins of that church of Eli. He was doing a supernatural work to bring back its glory. And it came directly in front of the daughter of Eli, right in your own home. (1 Samuel 4)

Wow, in the midst of Shiloh, while the trial was falling on Israel, God was building a Samuel Company. This was people who had been separated from the world. People who know the voice of the Lord and is fully devoted to Him.

Similarly, God has a company composed of his Warriors, a company Samuel at this time. He rises from ruins of a church is concerned and calling to each other. And always be with them.

Warriors clearly hear the Lord, and not afraid to bring a word to warn His church.

Furthermore, God has many hidden, unknown prophets and are trained in the school of necessity, in the midst of brokenness. They are part of the Company Samuel and they know what is to come because the Lord has spoken.

Despite the trials to come, these pious are full of hope and joy, they see a new day to come.

Samuel Company of godly men and women are not desperate by this condition in the world, at home or the church of Eli horrible. That's just not their focus. Yes, there are grieving over the terrible corruption, scorn and sin, and know that the next trial. But they have hope, knowing that God has total control. They have proved for themselves the mercy of God in Christ and know that his mercies endure forever. And never granted the enemy win the war against Christ and his true church.

Corruption and anti-values system (postmodernism) makes people see all things in a relative manner according to their way of thinking to their situation, their problem and not according to the word of God, which is not changes. (Judges 21:25)

We can experience pain, severe pain, constant pain that touches the body, heart, spirit. Problem about the problem, apparently with no end in sight. And the pain is indescribable. Yours may be the pain of losing a precious loved one .... the pain of a debilitating disease ... the pain of rejection ... the terrible pain of a broken marriage ... the pain of children living in terrible sin .... pain that nobody else can understand.

Pain may also occur that enter deeply into the spiritual world, a harassment of the mind. Some mental sufferings are so overwhelming that do more than just test your faith, shake the very foundation of your belief in God.

These attacks can be relentless, bringing lies, accusations, condemnation, and adding a burden of guilt to pain. I do not even pray. It may come the voice of the enemy: How can you expect to be saved? "His goal is to follow the example of the daughter of Eli (widow of Phinehas), you surrender to despair and leave the miserable battle. Woman besieged made a fatal error, concluding in his terrible pain: "God is with me." I no longer feel his presence. I have been abandoned. "At that moment, she gave up completely, leaving aside their faith. (1 Samuel 4:19),

That is when Satan enters. She comes to us at the time of more pain and suffering and planting a lie from hell. It's the same lie that instilled in the mind of Christ during the Crucifixion: "God has left you. I have left and you have overlooked. "(The worst lie)

This kind of human suffering makes us cry, make us broken and ask for mercy to our GOD.

But there's just that we can understand that we are part of the Company and Samuel who were not born of God for failure. (1 John 5:4) We are born of God and He has provided us as his children and their warriors to defend what is theirs: His Word, His plans, His will perfectly.

We are not scribes, Pharisees are not, we are not religious, we are men and women that God knows and who have known God, men and women with a God beyond series: King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), Jehovah of Hosts.
Time to fight for our families and our people in the name of the Lord Advocate for what God wants, what we hear from his heart and that is reflected in his word.

Do you do part of the company Samuel? Will you allow your family to be destroyed without giving the fight?
Man, woman, girl, get up, and you who are reading this letter, it was time to fight with weapons of light (Romans 13:12) and be dressed in the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Drives all the power of God in us with our decision and our determination, our holiness, integrity, with our acts, acts of obedience to what God wants, and this is reflected in his word.

If you are from the company's Sam's invitation to take the sword of the Spirit (The word of GOD) and shoot down any argument contrary to specified therein noting that the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus Christ came to give life and life abundantly (John 10:10).

Will you? Welcome to the brave, the Warriors, the brave and courageous of GOD. It was our day.



God bless you,

Jenny and Hugo G.
(Note:This translation was done by software. The Original Spanish version is here)

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Jenny Gonzalez and her husband Hugo Guarin are the youth pastors in the Christian Church "The Embrace of the Father" in Bogota - Colombia. They are responsible for the International Net MINLUZNACIONES and the newsletters. They Minister the word of God with a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit through the witness of a revelation of Heaven and Hell. They use unconventional strategies for evangelism and have led to his writings, ideas, drawings and testimonies of thousands of people in Colombia and the world to know, love and passion for God. If you are interested in making contact with them, contact email: jenny.g@minluznaciones.org or the Cel: (57) 314 491 65 30.

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